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Welcome to Regnery Publishing. Back in 1947, when Henry Regnery launched his bold adventure, the country was recovering from a World War, and a few brave souls were championing the start of the modern Conservative Movement. Regnery gave voice to that movement, publishing some of the most important conservative books of the age.

Today, our country faces many new challenges, and the need for hard-hitting, clear-thinking books is more vital than ever before.

Whether you are interested in the free market or free speech, limited government or expanding threats to our national security, we have something compelling for you to read, consider, and discuss with your friends.

Dedicated to bringing you hard-hitting and provocative books, Regnery has a number of national bestsellers, including the sensational number one New York Times bestsellers Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin, Power to the People by Laura Ingraham, Unfit for Command by John O’Neill and Jerome Corsi, Bias by Bernard Goldberg, Unlimited Access by former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich, and Murder in Brentwood by Mark Fuhrman.

Other New York Times bestsellers include: To Save America by Newt Gingrich, Courting Disaster by Marc Thiessen, America Alone by Mark Steyn, What’s So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D’Souza, Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods Jr., The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso, Ted, White, and Blue by Ted Nugent, and Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norris. And there are still more, giving Regnery—by far—the highest batting average of New York Times bestsellers per title published of any publisher.

To view the rest of our titles, please visit our website at Regnery.com—and be sure to also check out our hit series, the Politically Incorrect Guides, which bust myths on everything from the Civil War to Global Warming.

The conservative movement has grown, over the last 64 years, from a few intellectuals, economists, editorial writers, and authors to become the most vibrant political and intellectual movement that the country has ever known. Regnery Publishing is as central to the conservative movement today, as it was more than sixty years ago when Henry Regnery helped start it.


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