A Blockbuster!!

Last night David Freddoso appeared on Sean Hannity’s FNC show. Here is what Sean had to say about Freddoso’s new book Gangster Government:

“What we’re seeing here is an administration that spends so much time and so much of its political capital and energy helping friends and punishing enemies in other areas, domestic areas especially, helping organize labor, devoting ninety-nine percent of its attention to that they have had to completely give up on one of the most biggest promises they’ve made. One of the things that made people view Obama back in 2008 as a breath of fresh air and that is what I mean what I talk about gangster government.”


“What I think is dangerous and irresponsible is when the levers of power are being controlled by someone who is just willing to go to someone, say the Secured Creditors of Chrysler and say we’re taking your property away and giving it to a politically powered labor unit. And I think that when people in power are given those types of tools and they abuse them… and the fact that we’re fighting a war in Libya now, he literally told Congress the bombs are falling in 90 minutes. When Reagan said something like that it was considered a joke.”

Here is the full video link for The Hannity Show last night.

If you would like to see more on Gangster Government click here for a free chapter or purchase your own copy Gangster Government  right here!

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