Obama’s Motto: Dance With the One That Brought You

Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy, by David Freddoso, launches ONE WEEK from today!

This shocking new book is the most detailed look at Obama’s first few years in office. It exposes his Godfather-style reward system and his unprecedented track record of helping his supporters and cohorts and crushing his enemies at the expense of the American people.

Freddoso covers Obama’s crooked dealings in everything from the auto bailouts to his cozy relationship with unions. Here is an excerpt:

No one was suggesting that Barack Obama was a government version of Tony Soprano, who sends “Sicilian messages” or sells drugs or moonshine or untaxed cigarettes out of the White House basement. Gangster government is about something else: about governing without recognizing the legitimate limits of one’s power. It’s about officials who use public office to make winners into losers and losers into winners; who bend, break and make the law to help their friends and punish their enemies….Obama didn’t come to Washington from Mount Olympus. He came from the corrupt and dirty politics of Chicago. (pp.3-6)

To book David on your show next week, contact me at lbentz@eaglepub.com or click on the press release tab and find Gangster Government!

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