No Work On Monday?

Why do we celebrate President’s Day? While most Americans will enjoy a day off from work and school on Monday, it is essential to remember why we really have that coveted vacation day and take the time to reflect back on the great men of our past.

“As we pause in our busy lives for a minute to honor the Presidents of our nation, we should remember that during their service to our country, they encountered many challenges and conflicts,” says Jackie Cushman, author of The Essential American: The 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own. “It is important that we remember, recall and retell their important stories to determine how to best face our present and future challenges and remain an exceptional nation.”

 In The Essential American, Cushman remembers the past in order to shape the future. Cushman’s book includes speeches from 9 presidents, including:

  • “Warnings of a parting friend” George Washington’s First Inaugural Address
  • “We are all Republicans; we are all federalists” Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address
  • “The Union is unbroken” Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address
  • “Happy is the nation that has a glorious history” Theodore Roosevelt’s The Strenuous Life
  • A rendezvous with destiny” Ronald Reagan’s A Time for Choosing

To schedule an interview with Jackie Gingrich Cushman please call Kara Verducci at 202.216.0601 ext. 484 or email at

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