What is leadership?

In life we tend to unfortunately come across several disasters. Whether big or small we adapt to the situation and try to make the most of it. But what happens if one day you wake to the news of the worst environmental disasters in our country’s history? Panic, stress, confusion are all normal feelings to have during periods such as these…Especially if you are a leader.

 Bobby Jindal was one of the thousands that woken up to oil seeping into his state’s wetlands. These weren’t just wetlands; they were a way of life for fisherman and citizens of Louisiana. Their way of life was vanishing along with the livestock in the water. Time was zooming by and good solutions were taking up too much time…thanks to the federal government.

 I have read Bobby Jindal’s new book Leadership and Crisis and I was shocked at the federal government’s response to this national crisis. All I can remember watching is the CNN clips of Louisiana’s waters, the oil tankers, and the commercial fisherman. It seemed confusing to me and I was watching it overseas at the time. I couldn’t believe my country was facing such a disaster. And the worst part was knowing we have the capabilities to fix these situations quicker than it was happening with the oil spill. I knew it was politically driven but I couldn’t believe how driven in the wrong direction the situation was. Another memory was watching Governor Jindal addressing the nation about the situation and seeing how desperately he wanted it to be resolved.

 In Leadership and Crisis Jindal writes about Obama’s visit to Louisiana during the oil spill, “That encounter with President Obama served as a reminder to me of why Americans are so frustrated with Washington: the feds focus on the wrong things. Political posturing becomes more important than reality. In Washington they live by the motto: ‘Perception is reality.’”

Looking back on the entire situation now, there is no one that can explain to you how it all felt better than the people of Louisiana. Bobby Jindal served his state and nation a great deal of service by stepping up as a leader and taking responsibility. He never gave up and his story reflects the qualities every leader should possess. I want to salute all the heroes in Louisiana, thank you for courage and commitment.

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