November Notes: Immigration

Today’s issue we are tackling is Immigration. What do we do to protect our borders? And what about our culture? Bobby Jindal has the conservative solution to solving the problem of immigration in his highly anticipated new book, Leadership and Crisis. Bobby’s parents immigrated to America from India, so Bobby knows the true value of the American Dream.

 Illegal immigration has put a strain on education and healthcare systems…it needs to stop immediately.

 “Determined, highly motivated immigrants helped make this country great. And they will continue doing so – if we reform immigration.” – Bobby Jindal, from Leadership and Crisis.

 Bobby says that we need to find a controlled way to welcoming immigrants. This would entail:

  1. ensure that our borders are secure
  2. enforce our existing immigration laws
  3. refocus our legal immigration policy to encourage highly-skilled immigrants who embrace American values

Bobby, like our Founding Fathers, encourages immigrants to learn our language, culture, and way of life. But this does not mean they need to forget where they came from.

Why is it so important to secure our borders? Bobby says:

  1. For the safety of our citizens
  2. The cost to our citizens
  3. The cost to our culture

 Want to learn more about Leadership and Crisis? Order your copy TODAY!



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