November Notes: Health Care


Health Care. We all need it. But is Obamacare the answer? NO.

“By 2019, 23 million people will remain uninsured, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Even worse, Obamacare won’t reduce costs at all. In fact, it will drive the country’s health care bill even higher, according to economic experts at the Health and Human Services Department.” – Sally Pipes, from The Truth About Obamacare (2010).

Obamacare…we all heard the hype about it, but barely anyone is really sure what it means. But what is does guarantee is that one-sixth of our economy will be put into the hands of politicians and agency bureaucrats.

Sally Pipes not only reads in between the 2,400 pages of the health care bill…but she gives our nation solutions for change. She states in her book, The Truth About Obamacare, that a true health care reform bill would:
-Promote private ownership within a thriving individual health insurance marketplace
-Allow individuals and families to buy health insurance with tax-free dollars
-Allow health insurance to be sold across state lines
-Make doctors’ charitable care tax-deductible
-Let vouchers do the work

To find out more ways we can create a health care reform that will actually benefit EVERYONE read The Truth About Obamacare by Sally Pipes.

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