PIG to Socialism…Its Coming!

Even though the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism will not be available till next year…we want to share a piece of the socialism cake with you.

This excerpt below explains the difference between capitalism and socialism:

“The reason a surgeon earns more than a priest or a teacher, but less than an NBA point guard or a pop princess, has nothing to do with any objective features or qualities of his work. It has nothing to do with the moral value of his work: boob-jobs pay just as well as treating kids for cancer. Capitalism’s approach, in other words, is to answer economic questions economically. This theory is not normative; it has nothing to say about whether people should value goods and services in the way they do.

Socialism breaks with capitalism on precisely this issue. It seeks to infuse the fundamental, deep processes of the economy—the setting of prices—with moral meaning.

Karl Marx’s “Theory of Labor Value” The mere existence of profits—squeezing economic value out of a product beyond what workers are paid—for Marx was proof of capitalists’ exploitation of workers. It was indistinguishable from outright theft.”

The socialism debate has crept up in every arena in the political sphere thanks to Mr. Obama. Democrats are labeling policies that are socialist as policies essential to stimulate the “hope” and “change” we were promised in 2008. Republicans have always pushed for capitalism. Government should not set prices, people should.

Well thank you capitalism…next time I feel envious of Tom Brady’s salary I will know better then to get all pouty. Who needs a Rolls Royce, Lexus, Mercedes, a supermodel wife, two nannies, five houses, a closet the size of a studio apartment, a jet, a shampoo line, and an amazing smile anyway? 🙂

One of my favorite quotes about socialism comes from George Orwell’s, Animal Farm: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

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